Connecting History of Education: International networks,publications and global dissemination. Project PID2019-105328GB-I00 funded by MCIN/AEI/10.13039/501100011033




Hecumen is an online database that brings the results of the "Connecting History of Education" project to the international research community of educational historians.

Hecumen is composed of bibliographic information obtained from 11 international journals of the History of Education indexed by Scopus. Hecumen covers more than 5,000 articles. In addition to bibliographic information, Hecumen stores, for each category of article, periods and eras studied, which allows complex searches to be carried out. Access is free by clicking on the following icon:






Hejournals is a database in which articles published in the last 50 years in scientific journals of the History of Education are quantitatively analyzed, key issues in the internationalization of forms of knowledge production, such as: linguistic policies and space. media occupied by each language, the places of production, the weight and avenues of international collaboration, the geopolitical attention focuses of the researchers, the proportion of comparative, international, transnational or global studies, the focus and execution of the special issues and monographic sections of specialized magazines..