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Connecting History of Education: International networks,publications and global dissemination. Project PID2019-105328GB-I00 funded by MCIN/AEI/10.13039/501100011033

New publications

Two new books have been published as part of the Connecting History of Education project.

In the book "Connecting History of Education. Redes globales de comunicación y colaboración científicas", the reader will find a detailed study of History of Education journals and scientific societies, as well as the behaviour of the scientific community in matters concerning: research interests, forms of international collaboration, languages of scientific communication, editorial management policies or ways of understanding community service, among others.

"In the footsteps of the masters : interview with the history of education" contains twenty-one interviews with those who are unanimously considered the greatest pioneers in the scientific field of the History of Education, having opened new avenues of investigation and promoted works of considerable magnitude and depth, which have since become treasured assets for the entire scientific community. Each interview covers their biography and academic careers, highlighting not only their successes, but also the difficulties they encountered in the workplace. From the pages emerge useful hints and tips for those who today are venturing into the world of History of Education research, alongside the enthusiasm and curiosity that have unfailingly distinguished the work of each of these pioneers, in whose footsteps we continue to walk.

Links to the books:

Hernández Huerta, J. L., Cagnolati, A., & Payà Rico, A. (Eds.). (2022). Connecting History of Education. Redes globales de comunicación y colaboración científicas. Valencia: Tirant Editorial.

Cagnolati, A., & Hernández Huerta, J. L. (Eds.). (2021). In the Footsteps of the Masters. Interview with the History of Education. Roma: Tab Edizioni.